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Abi who owns Tweaked editing

Hello and welcome!

I am Abi, a true lover of everything involving words. I’ve been working on other people’s prose for over three years while building long-lasting friendships.

I find ‘About me’ paragraphs awkward to write but if you click here, you can get to know me a bit better.

Want to know even more? I run a blog called Marigolds and Meat too! Over there, I focus on an earth-friendly lifestyle and recipes that can be rustled up with basic ingredients.

List of Services

Proofreading by tweaked editing correcting errors


  • Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Improving the flow of your writing
  • Adapting vocabulary to suit the document type
  • Removing repetition
  • Editing for concision
  • Correcting capitalization and punctuation
  • Highlighting unclear sentences and making suggestions on how to improve them
  • Checking that citations and references are correct.
  • Highlighting if you need to relook at your formatting
tweaked editing correcting errors


My editing service includes all proofreading services


  • Restructure the text so that it flows smoothly
  • Revise passages of text for clarity and concision
  • Make or suggest changes to vocabulary
  • Adapt the tone of documents to suit the intended audience
  • Provide feedback and advice on your writing style or content
  • Ensure that your document adheres to your chosen style guide
Tweaked editing formatting service, correcting errors


  • Create a cover page
  • Add page numbers
  • Insert section or page breaks
  • Add headers or footers
  • Generate a dynamic table of contents
  • Insert dynamic lists of charts, figures, and tables
  • Add captions to charts, figures, and tables
  • Apply consistent fonts, spacing, and margins
  • Add columns or borders
Tweaked Editing swift service

Swift Service

Even if you have a tight deadline, I will create a package that suits you!

Let’s chat about your project!