Social Media Packages

Do you identify with one of the following?

  • You enjoy the creative process of building your own social media account/s but you need some help making sure the content is perfect.
  • You can’t quite afford a brand manager to take over your account.
  • You’re a second-language English speaker. You know what you want to say and you can communicate well but you need a little bit of help in perfecting your text.
  • Your business is based in a non-English speaking country but you want to access an international market without potential customers noticing flaws in your communications.

Social Media Editing Packages

All social media packages include the following:

  • All proofreading and editing services.
  • I will visit your social media sites to understand your target market and the tone you use to communicate to your followers.
  • All packages are valid for 33 days after purchase.


8 x posts of 2,200 characters each



16 x posts of 2,200 characters each



30 x posts of 2,200 characters each