Tweaked formatting

As well as proofreading your document for errors and inconsistencies, I can expertly edit your work. I will restructure your writing to ensure that your words flow smoothly and your vocabulary is accurate and varied. I will also refine your tone and adapt the content to achieve your aims.

My Editing Package Includes:

  • Correct typos
  • Correct basic grammar (unless changes affect author/character voice)
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct nonverbal dialogue tags (“I don’t care what you do,” he shrugged.)
  • Make style consistent: spelling, capitalization, hyphens, dashes, italics, ellipses, etc.
  • Flag content inconsistency from chapter to chapter: character hair colour, eye colour, ages, wardrobe, motivations, setting, etc.
  • Verify basic facts (i.e., geography, dates, accuracy of plot timeline)
  • Flag tracking/continuity problems
  • Flag plot holes
  • Flag potential libel (disparaging remarks about real places/people)
  • Flag any potential copyright issues (song lyrics, poetry, advertising jingles, extensive/numerous excerpts from other publication(s), photos/artwork, other copyrighted material not owned by the author)
  • Flag confirmed anachronisms
  • Flag repetition (both content and verbal) and offer solutions
  • Flag ambiguous vocabulary (and offer solutions)
  • Flag awkward phrasing (and offer solutions)

Editing Pricing

  • I will give you a tailored quotation for each of your projects but here is roughly what I will charge you.
  • If your project is more than 20,000 words or you can guarantee continuous work, we can chat about a unique package tailor-made for you.
  • An additional $5 will be charged per 1000 words if you submit a PDF file.
  • If you are based in South Africa, please let me know and I will give you a custom ZAR quotation – no problem! This will include a discount as our transaction will incur fewer charges.


Proofreading charge + $8 per 1000 words

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